Locally made

All of the advantages of local supply along with a meaningful contribution to the South African economy. Mondi SA is proudly a Level 1 BBBEE contributor with 135% recognition points and is the most transformed forestry company in South Africa.*

We manage approximately 254,000 hectares of landholdings with plantation forests in South Africa. It’s why we’re passionate about securing the long-term productivity of forests and maintaining the water, soils, biodiversity and social value of our production landscapes.

Superior whiteness

Mondi Rotatrim is rated at 160CIE on the international whiteness standard. This results in an optically ideal sheet of paper, with good contrast when printed.

Constantly flat

Printing either single or double-sided, your Mondi Rotatrim page will not curl!

No show-through

Good opacity ensures no show-through on double-sided prints.


Mondi Rotatrim is smooth to the touch and gentle on the rollers in your printer.

Environmentally sustainable

Mondi Rotatrim ensures that its production is held to the highest environmental standard through sound forestry practices.